Diana Brown

NWAMOMC President

Hello Northwest!

It's an honor to be serving as President of NWAMOMC. I have been a member of Northwest since 1996 when I joined Twice the Spice in Bremerton. In 1997, I attended my first convention in Bellevue, and have attended every convention since 2000. At first, I was content to sit back and let other “more experienced” members do the work, but once I became involved, I was hooked! I have served as writer for the TOG, Chairmom for Ways & Means, NWA Corresponding Secretary, NWA Recording Secretary, and Chaplain.

I love this organization and believe in the women who are my sister friends. We have a bond that doesn’t matter if we see each other frequently or just once or twice a year. I want to see this organization grow and prosper for many, many years to come. I am excited for the challenges ahead, and I will do my best to meet those challenges with a smile, a listening ear and an open heart.

Alison Coppock

NWAMOMC Vice President

I am honoured to serve as NWAMOMC as Vice President. Previously, I served as Recording Secretary and it has been both rewarding and challenging. I have become more aware of the intricate workings of the club - all of which could not be done without all the members of NWAMOMC!

Originally from Kelowna, BC, I now live in Olympia, WA after travelling to various places with my now retired military husband. I have been married to my husband Joseph for over 30 years. We have 22 year old quadruplets – Joseph, Karen, Laura, and Maria. I work as an ELL para educator at a middle and high school. Previously, I worked in an elementary school in a K-2 Life Skills classroom for almost 10 years. I belonged to three clubs in Tennessee and I wrote for National as a higher order correspondent when my children were babies.

I am a member and president of Multiples R Us, our Olympia area club. I have been on Scholarship, Summer Activities – West, and Historian Committees for NW. I am currently the Corresponding Secretary. I love to read, garden, sew, and collect scrapbook supplies. One of these days, I will stop collecting and put those supplies to good use!

Liz Abeyta

NWAMOMC Treasurer

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Katie Cooper

NWAMOMC Corresponding Secretary

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Katie Lambson

NWAMOMC Recording Secretary

Hi there! I'm Katie Lambson. I am a single mom of ID 11yr old twin boys, Ethan and Will. They drive me absolutely crazy and love to tell me how much the 'know'. I have been a member of Miracle Bonus, Spokane since I was five- months pregnant in 2009.

This organization has my love and loyalty forever because they have supported me by awarding me the Gwenn Lawson Momship when I took the plunge and went back to school to successfully obtain my degree as a Registered Dental Hygienist. That was 3 long years of missing conventions and various other events. However, my MOMs rallied around me, watched my kids, dried my tears, face timed me during convention to help me feel included, cheered me on from the moment I became a mom, then a single mom, with 14-month-old babies. They checked on me, got clothes for my kids, made sure we had Christmas gifts, had food to eat and were kind enough to let me spend three-years leading Miracle Bonus as president. This club has been my village and I am in awe over the strength, love and support you all show each other every day.

Joyce Vierck


It has been a true honor to serve as past President of the Northwest Association of Mothers of Twins Clubs. I started out with the idea of a “Clubhouse” theme, where we gather and support each other, and learn from each other. I have felt the support and I have learned. I’ve met new people, learned about not only my job, but more about other jobs I have talked with a ton of you about two tons of stuff. (You know who you are.)

I appreciate the care we have for each other, and want more of that. I have learned who does what, and want that to continue. I have been involved in decision-making, and want to see more results. I have heard about great ideas and want to see some become realities. I have learned about when things should happen, and want to improve on getting the ball rolling. All of these things, and more, make for a future of productivity in our Club House. I am always open to hearing your thoughts and ideas. With your support we can continue on the journey of learning and collaboration. Thank you!